Ross Fenning's Digital Garden

What I am doing now

April 2024

Moving on from my Lead role at INRIX and considering my options for what's next. I've had an interesting year and a half working more hands-on with Terraform and Kubernetes while also guide a team through a DevOps journey.

I'm trying to come back to this Digital Garden to write more thoughts and spend more time on a new random project with History of Sound .

January 2023

My interest has come back to the idea of a Tech Radar for myself, for my new team at Inrix and in general for the industry. I've created the Tech Radar page on this site to act as a way to write up all the little bookmarks of interesting tools and articles I have.

I've done some forks and PRs on Thoughtworks' Build Your Own Radar repo to allow me to publish the visual version within this site.

December 2022

Started my new Lead role at INRIX right in the middle of organising Christmas.

October 2022

Coming to the end of 12 years working at the BBC and looking forwarding to joining INRIX as a Lead Software Developer.

I'm currently revamping my Digital Garden to auto-publish via Github actions and maybe actually polish up some of the notes.

October 2021

Having struggling with the friction of writing fully-formed articles for a blog website, I am in the process of transforming this website into a Digital Garden.