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Languages & Frameworks

These are languages and frameworks on my radar at various levels. See the top-level Tech Radar for other categories.

Note that I rarely look at whole new languages as I have a bias towards frameworks and libraries that help me build things over improving the act of writing code itself. A language might have promise on here if its ecosystem of libraries and frameworks mature around it since that's a key feature for me over aethetics of syntax or language semantics.


It's clear Quarkus is inevitible if Java is to survive the "cloud native" trends that see people otherwise favour Go or other things that compile to a small binary that boots quickly in a small container.


Sanic is a Python web server and web framework that's written to go fast. See Sanic on Github.


See Quart docs.


It's React, but in Python! While interesting, I'm yet to think this is a good idea over, say, htmx. See IDOM docs


A solid attempt to extend HTML affordances in a standard way user agents could well support natively in future. I think this is a strong approach than bloated UI frameworks like React. See htmx - high power tools for html.


I'm a big fan of libraries that use decorators etc. effectively so you can write your code as you normally would and it "just works" to turn it into e.g. a CLI tool as is the case with Typer. There's an extra appeal with it using type hints to do some magic that other libraries like clize need help with. I certainly don't know why anyone would continue using ArgumentParser in Python today.

See Typer.


Still looking for a way to bring together all the tools I've used in this space to get the most out of this standard.